On-site Blood Chemistry Analyzer Pointcare V3

PV3 is a chemical, electrolyte, immunoassay, and blood gas all-in-one analysis. The platform is the choice of more than 10,000 users worldwide and gives you trusted accuracy. PV3 is small and durable, can be operated anytime, anywhere, it can even be driven by power bank. The user interface is friendly and easy to learn. It’s very simple and intuitive. Provides accurate laboratory quality results in 10 to 12 minutes, making it ideal for veterinary clinics as well as bringing equipment to clients for testing. In addition, PV3 is widely used in laboratories of research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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Laboratory technicians learn quickly and are very easy to use, which makes their work more convenient.

Caregivers can perform a complete panel of up to 13 chemistry tests on-site in about 8~12 minutes. Seconds of hands-on time, minutes for treatment solution. Provide clients with immediate answers during their visit and save technician time with load-and-go efficiency.

PV3 delivers fast and reliable results and offers maximum support for diagnosis and treatment.

Provide the most competitive and affordable reagent discs in the industry.

Developed for space stations, only the size of an SLR camera. The size is perfect for settings with limited space and mobile use.

The MNCHIP administration platform is tailored to hospital and laboratory information systems and offers the possibility of connecting the existing information systems of veterinary clinics.

The tests menu of 34 parameters including chemistry, electrolyte, and immunoassay is the broadest of any point-of-care analyzer. With the efforts of our customer-oriented R&D team, the test parameters will continue to be expanded.

PV3 contain a highly efficient integrated quality control system (RQC) that continuously monitors disc function and reagent quality to ensure optimal test performance.

Indicate the level of hemolysis, lipemia, and icterus, suggest the impact on test results and provide effective information to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of patients with confidence

Save time and costs plus increase employee compliance to use. The use of xenon lamps as the light source has a theoretical working time of decades.

ideal for veterinary clinics, mobile practitioners, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

From sample to complete results in 3 simple steps in approximately 10 minutes

Add sample & diluent

100 μl whole blood, serum or plasma,
and 430 μl diluent.

Insert disc

walk-away operation,
self calibrates with every test run.

Read results

printed via computer or
extra printer.

Pointcare V3 Reagent Disc Dtial

Born from space technology, MNCHIP reagent disc is a completely self-contained disposable chemistry panel designed to meet various testing needs. Just 3 drops of whole blood are required to deliver up to 17 precise results.

The Health Checking Profile ( TP ALB GLO* ALB/GLO* TBIL ALT ALP CK AMY TG CHOL GLU CRE BUN BUN/CRE* Ca P ) Clinical Indications: Diseases of the liver and biliary system, urinary system, glycometabolism and lipid metabolism, pancreas and cardiovascular system.

The Preanesthetic Profile ( TP ALB GLO* ALB/GLO* ALT ALP GLU CRE BUN BUN/CRE* ) Clinical Indications: Diseases of liver, urinary system and glycometabolism.

The Preanesthetic Plus Profile ( TP ALT AST ALP CK LDH GLU CRE BUN BUN/CRE* ) Clinical Indications: Diseases of the liver and biliary system, urinary system, glycometabolism and cardiovascular system.

The Liver & Kidney Profile ( TP ALB GLO* ALB/GLO* TBIL ALT AST GGT GLU CRE BUN BUN/CRE* ) Clinical Indications: Diseases of the liver and biliary system, urinary system and abnormal glucose metabolism.

The Liver Profile ( TP ALB GLO* ALB/GLO* TBIL DBIL IBIL* ALT AST GGT ALP ) Clinical Indications: Diseases of the liver and biliary system.

The Kidney Profile ( ALB CRE BUN BUN/CRE* CO2 Ca P K+ ) Clinical Indications: Diseases of urinary system.

The Electrolytes Profile ( CO2 Ca P K+ Na+ Na+/K+* Cl- Mg ) Clinical Indications: Diseases of water and salt metabolism.

The Critical Care Profile ( ALT GLU CRE BUN BUN/CRE* CO2 K+ Na+ Na+/K+* Cl- ) Clinical Indications: Diseases of liver and kidney, glycometabolism and disorder of water and salt metabolism.

The Ammonia Test Profile ( NH3 )

The Review Triple Tests Profile ( TP ALB TBIL ALT ALP CK AMY TG CHOL GLU CRE BUN Ca P )

The Avian & Reptile Profile ( TP ALB GLO* ALB/GLO* AST TBA CK GLU UA Ca P K+ Na+ Na+/K+* Cl- )

The Large Animal Diagnostics Profile ( TP ALB GLO* ALB/GLO* AST GGT ALP CK BUN Ca P Mg ) Clinical Indications: Diseases of large animals,such as cattle, horse,etc.

The Diabetes Panel ( TG CHOL GLU FRU )

The Pancreatitis Profile ( TP ALB GLO* ALB/GLO* AMY LPS GLU Ca )

* Calculated test value

** Select three analytes from 14 test analytes for reporting

# Coming soon

1 Test/Disc 10 Discs/Box


Dimensions: 210mm (L)*125mm (W)*175mm (H)

Weight: 2.2 kg (4.85 lbs)


Sample Type: Lithium heparin, whole blood, serum or plasma.

Sample Size: 0.1cc (100 µl)

Test Time: 8-12 minutes


Quality Control Features: Built-in real-time Quality Control (rQC®) system

Communication: Bi-directional input/output

Interfaces: WIFI, USB, Bluetooth.

Memory Capacity: Up to 50,000 patient and quality control results.


Consumables: 7.8cm in diameter and 0.68cm thick, single-use, self-contained plastic chemistry reagent discs. Each disc contains all reagents needed to perform a panel of tests on a single sample.

Environmental specifications

Data Input Display: 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen

Mode of Opertion: Continuous

Ambient temperature: 10~30℃(50–86 ºF), indoor use.

Power requirements: 120 VA

Main supply voltage: 100-240 volts AC, 50-60 Hz.

Humidity: 40%~85%

Reaction Temperature: 37℃±0.2℃

Power bank: Capable