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Established in 2010, MNCHIP is a leading supplier of a full range of in vitro diagnostic equipment. By constantly bringing breakthrough innovations to market, MNCHIP enables healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality medical devices with affordable pricing, serving patients of different income brackets.

Our main products, currently including chemistry analyzer , are crucial for clinical decision-making and treatment pathways, and the immunoassay analyzer and the hematology analyzer are expected to be launched soon.

With our strengths in microfluidics technology, we are well positioned to provide affordable IVD tests at the finger of users. We will continue to build on our strength to help fight the lack of quality diagnostics devices, empowering patients to develop health awareness as early as possible, thereby reducing healthcare spending and turning to healthier lifestyle.

By 2022, we have provided our products and services for over 80 countries with more than 20,000 devices. We are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with partners who pay close attention to POCT diagnostics, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare and helping to improve people’s lives around the world.

Core R&D Team: Skeleton staff is graduated from world-class universities, like MIT and Heidelberg University.
Professional Personnel: Talents are of multiple disciplines, ranging from optoelectronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and software engineering to pharmacy, biology, and chemistry, contributing a lot for the innovation of MNCHIP products.
﹒In 2010, Tianjin MNCHIP Technologies Co., Ltd was founded under the auspices of Legend Holdings.
﹒In 2012, Celercare® M was created, the first point-of-care chemistry analyzer in China’s medical market.
﹒In 2013, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang paid his first visit to MNCHIP, demonstrating the operation of Chemistry Analyzer.
﹒In 2014, MNCHIP was awarded with the certificate of ‘National High-tech Enterprise’.
﹒In 2015, the world’s smallest chemistry analyzer Pointcare M3 was launched.
﹒In 2016, the Pointcare V series were succesfully introduced to the veterinary market.
﹒In 2017, MNCHIP opened a branch in Suzhou, to promote the capability of producing.
﹒In 2018, Celecare M5 and Celecare V5 are developed and debuted in 2018 MEDICA.

Currently, MNCHIP keeps researching and developing core technologies, cutting costs, innovating and producing newer and better medical device products for the market.

We aim to be one of the most competitive and the most innovative enterprises in the world. We seek to provide the public with accessible and affordable health services with our professional clinical&diagnostic testing products based on edge microfludics technology.
We committed to making every effort to ensure clients are the primary beneficiaries, and seeking sustainable development by constant striving for quality perfection. These values guide us in all that we do and are the bedrock upon which MNCHIP is built.
MNCHIP works within standards set by National Medical Products Administration and industry regulations, and is committed to establish friendly business relationship with suppliers who share the company’s principles on conducting business in a legal and ethical manner. MNCHIP holds the CE certificate of self-declaration and certified to the ISO 13485:2012 Quality System Standard for medical devices, also licensed as a medical device manufacturer in accordance with the NMPA(China FDA) Quality System Regulation.
We are dedicated to creating mutually beneficial supply base partnerships to assist our clients in delivering superior product quality and service.
MNCHIP always concentrates on customer satisfaction, as an extension of our business, we hope our suppliers share advices on quality, operation, innovation, or any other thoughts to improve our products and services.

MNCHIP is a manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment and medical devices. It can not only provide you with high-quality clinical instruments and diagnostic products, but also provide affordable health services for the public. You can contact us through the following ways.

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