Immunoassay Analyzer Pointcare® iV1

Immunoassay analyzer detects and quantifies specific analytes in blood or body fluids by utilizing immunoassay methodologies. Pointcare® iV1 is in-vitro diagnostic device based on time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay (TRFIA), Pointcare® iV1 provides quantitative in-vitro determination of clinical immunoassay analytes in whole blood, plasma,serum, stool, optic or oral conjunctival epithelial cells. Pointcare® iV1 is a compact, easy-to-use diagnostic immuno-analyzer to measure the presence of various biomarkers for inflammation, infectious diseases, fertility, Endocrine and alimentary canal diseases.

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Features & Benefits

High sensibility and accuracy with TRFIA

Test kits transport at 4-30℃

Small sample requirements

Only 5 operation steps

Test Kits

cCRP Test Kit   fSAA Test Kit

CPV Test Kit    CCV Test Kit    FPV Test Kit    FHV Test Kit    FCoV Test Kit    CDV-Ab Test Kit   CPV-Ab Test Kit    FPV-Ab Test Kit   FHV-Ab Test Kit    FCV-Ab Test Kit

cProg Test Kit    cTT4 Test Kit

cPL Test Kit   fPL Test Kit

* More test kits coming soon…
10 Tests/Box


Add 2μl sample into the diluent tube

Gently invert the collection tube several times just prior to sample transfer

Transfer 100μl diluted sample to the sample hole

Insert the cartridge into the device

Read result


MNCHIP applies time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay (TRFIA), which offers many advantages: (1) simple operation, fast analysis, and less time consuming; (2) practicality for on-site use; (3) high accuracy; and (4) good reproducibility and stability.

TRFIA labels the lanthanide-chelate-embedded microbeads with antibodies or protein, which are captured in the detection area by the principle of chromatography.

Lanthanide chelates exhibit highly desirable fluorescence characteristics: (1) long fluorescence lifetime (Eu3+ has a lifetime on the order of millisecond, which is several orders of magnitude longer than that of the non-specific background autofluorescence) ; (2) wide excitation spectrum and narrow and sharp emission spectrum; and (3) a large Stokes shift (200–300 nm) , with improved spatial resolution.



Sample Type: Serum or plasma (EDTA anticoagulation), stool, optic or oral conjunctival epithelial cells. (* Please refer to package inserts for details.)
Test Time: 5~10 minutes

Interfaces: USB
Memory Capacity: Up to 50,000 test results
Power Bank: Capable

Operation Temp: 10-30°C
Operation Humidity: 40-85%
Power Supply: 24V


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