MNCHIP Work Together with Fever Clinic’s Construction and Upgrading

MNCHIP Work Together with Fever Clinic’s Construction and Upgrading

In July 2020, the Beijing National Health Commission published an official document to accelerate the development and construction of fever clinics in medical institutions. The document also released clear regulations on infrastructure construction, quality control, and material reserves. Through years of experience, the chemistry analyzer of MNCHIP will continue to assist the infrastructure construction of fever clinics.

Follow the principle combined with the peacetime and wartime footing. It is planned to complete the construction and transformation of fever clinics in Beijing secondary and general tertiary hospitals and other related medical institutions from July to November 2020. With the plan’s implementation, MNCHIP has already deployed in nearly 100 designated hospitals for COVID-19 treatment, which has extensively promoted the standardized construction and transformation in fever clinics.

During the process of constructing the clinical laboratory in Beijing, the chemistry analyzer of MNCHIP perfectly corresponds to the principle of clinical laboratory selection. According to the expert consensus on fever clinic laboratories’ construction capacity, the limited space of the fever clinic laboratories required a particularity area divided. Besides, the biosafety cabinet has a small space and cannot place a large device.

For this reason, a miniaturized diagnostic product is needed. MNCHIP’ s equipment has the features of compact size. The single module’s height is 210*125*175mm& 2.5kg, only the size of the SLR camera. It can be easily placed in a biosafety cabinet to avoid contamination. What is more, the experimental equipment should have the capability to detect infectious diseases in an exceptional workload. It is essential in terms of the emergency rescue of dangerous and grave patients in view of the epidemic this year.

Based on the practical requirement, the MNCHIP’ s chemistry analyzer have reduced the process of preparation and calibration. It can be put in use efficiently. More specifically, the test result can be produced within 8 minutes, and the speed detection is up to 600 per hour. Moreover, the test equipment of MNCHIP adopts the 24-hour RQC intelligent quality control, and the test method is consistent with the traditional chemistry analyzers to ensure the accuracy of the test results. Compared with Gold Strandard MNCHIP’s chemistry analyzer has the high consistency with the results.

With the technological development of laboratory equipment, qualified equipment can comply with different diagnosis and treatment scenarios. MNCHIP’ s chemistry analyzer has multiple combinations of four channels. The flexible combination of four-channel with independent modules can upgrade the performance. Besides, the single module has more than 11 reagent combinations and 33 test items, which cover the projects carried out in clinical biochemistry to meet a wide range of clinical needs and achieve the multifunction of equipment.

The upgrading of the MNCHIP’ s chemistry analyzer has dramatically reduced the composite cost. It is not only saved from complicated supporting facilities but also expurgated the wearable parts. Furthermore, it has low standby consumption.

Compared with traditional wet chemistry analyzer and other dry principle chemistry analyzer, the MNCHIP automatic chemistry analyzer has the advantages of portable, easy operation, accurate and efficiency, low blood consumption, safety, and environmental protection. It is more suitable for clinical laboratories’ selection. The advanced technology and quality make MNCHIP obtained the national health commission external quality assessment certificate.

Since 2010, MNCHIP has provided the public with accessible and affordable health services. The equipment has been exported to more than 60 countries, with a cumulative installed capacity of more than 10,000 units. With professional microfluidic clinical products test, MNCHIP has fully comprehended the microfluidic core technology to produce the high quality of ultra-thin platters. With the quality and technology advances, MNCHIP has been highly recognized by medical institutions of all levels.


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